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The Health lottery

The health lottery is a new lotto game launched in October 2011, it is totally seperate from the UK National lottery and has nothing to do with Camelot the current National lottery operators.

The health lottery has been set up to help raise funds for health related good causes. Whilst the National lottery raises funds for multiple types of good causes.

The health lottery has come underfire in the early days for only donating 20.3p (20.3% of sale price) from the £1 sale price to good causes, whilst the National lottery donates 28p (28% of sale price) from a £1 sale price.

How to play the Health lottery

To play the health lottery, players pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50 , or they can opt for a random selection by the lottery ticket machine to try to win a cash prize. The health lottery is a fixed prize lottery, meaning no matter how many winners the prize paid out per ticket is guaranteed.

Players must be 16 years of age, and have to live in Great Britain to be able to take part in the health lottery.

The fixed prize payouts are:

Matching 3 balls wins £50
Matching 4 balls wins £500
Matching 5 balls wins upto £100,000

The odds of winning the health lottery are as follows:

Odds of matching 3 main numbers with the health lottery are 214 to 1
Odds of matching 4 main numbers with the health lottery are 9,416 to 1
Odds of matching 5 main numbers with the health lottery are 2,118,760 to 1

The overall odds of winning any prize with the health lottery are 213.8 to 1.

Claiming your Health lottery winnings

If you win £50 this can be claimed from any Health lottery retailer. However for the two top prizes of £500 and £100,000 you will need to call the health lottery helpline. The number for the helpline is printed on the back of the lottery ticket.

Online health lottery players will have their £50 or £500 prize paid direct to their online health account, so online players will only need to submit a claim for the top £100,000 prize.

Health lottery revenue breakdown ( % figures from wikapedia and not verified)

22% in operating costs, marketing and administration
20.3% to good causes
?? to winners

The % paid to winners can’t be calculated as the lottery game is a fixed lottery winnings prize payout. No matter how many winners be it 1 or 2000 per draw, the prized paid out per winner will remain the same.

For example week 1: One person matches 5 main numbers they win £100,000. Week 2: 100 people match 5 main health lottery numbers, all 100 people win £100,000. The same rule applies for all health lottery prize categories.

Health lottery results

At the time of launch (October 2011) the winning lottery numbers for the health lottery are shown on both Channel 5 and ITV in the UK. The results at launch are shown as a paid advertisment in one of the break slots of the Xfactor on ITV, and also shown as a live results show on channel 5.

Of course we will be showing the lastest Health Lottery Results on this site too.

Health Lottery Launch Information

This new game only launched in October 2011, and the TV show initially was going to be presented by Eamonn Holmes. However he had to pull out of the presenting job, due to a possible conflict of interest with his current employer Skynews. He was replaced by Melinda Messenger who presented the first live show on the 8th of October.

The first draw which took place on the 8th of October 2011, is reported to have had 2 winners who matched all 5 main numbers to win £100,000 per winning lottery ticket.

Media reports indicate that the new Health Lottery spent an estimated £20 million on the launch campaign hoping to reach an impressive 98% of the UK Market. The marketing awarness campaign started on September the 28th 2011, and included TV, press, outdoor, experiential, radio, POS and PR.

Former Kraft Foods head of marketing and now The Health Lottery chief executive Martin Hall, says “it was not possible” to secure any more media space to promote the draw.

“We will get to most consumers 24 times in the first two weeks on TV alone with this campaign. We are looking to reach 98% of the 16-plus population,” he adds.

The health lottery is reported to have 1 in 10 poster sites in Great Britian, and has reported to have the biggest lottery terminal machine network in the world with more than 40,000 terminals avaliable.

So there we go, thats the all new and exciting health lottery game. Launched only last week, willit prove to be a hit? – Only time will tell.

Health Lottery Magic Monday Bonus

A new incentive was launched by the health lottery a few weeks after launch, it gave people who did not win the chance to get discounts of freebies with their health lottery ticket. A few weeks after it launched, it stopped one week with no notice. It has been suggested that the magic monday bonus is to be replaced by a new bonus in either December 2011 or January 2012.

Health Lottery Second chance

A few months after it’s launch the health lottery introduced the concept of the 2nd chance guaranteed winner. Put basically if no ticket managed to match all five main health lottery numbers, then one health lotto ticket is selected at random to win upto £100,000.

Health Lottery Superdraws

For the first ever Christmas Eve Health lottery draw, the organisers have decided to double the top prize from upto £100,000 to upto £200,000 on December 24th 2011 (24/12/2011).

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