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Millionaire Raffle Superdraw 25th December 2012 (25/12/12)

Millionaire Raffle superdraw on Christmas day 2012. Yes that’s right the euromillions millionaire raffle on the 25/12/12 will create a guaranteed 25 millionaires.

After the success of the 100 millionaire draw back on the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics, Camelot the operators of the National lottery have decided to run not one but two millionaire raffles over the Christmas and New Year period.

Yes that’s right, I did just type about two massive eurolottery millionaire raffle superdraws. The second planned magical night is on New Years day..another superdraw guaranting to make another 25 lottery millionaires.

So to clarify, there is not one but two massive superdraws coming up these are on:

1) Millionaire raffle 25th December 2012 (25/12/2012) Christmas day when 25 millionaire raffle numbers will be drawn.

2) Millionaire raffle superdraw 1st January 2013 (01/01/2013) News Years day, when once again the millionaire raffle draw will create 25 guaranteed United Kingdom millionaires.

Sales director Duncan Malyon of Camelot is expecting Euromillions ticket sales to double over the Christmas period.

“What we want to do is create some real excitement in the trade in the run-up to Christmas and generate continuous excitement between Christmas and New Year, which can sometimes be quite a quiet period in retail”

For those of my readers who don’t know, the raffle is United Kingdom only bolt on game to the eurolottery main draw. In every draw normally one raffle number is generated, and this guarantee’s one winner per draw.

Ticket sales will go crazy, as people will be at home on Christmas day hoping to celebrate Christmas in style with a massive £1,000,000 win. And let’s face it, if they don’t win on Chirstmas day then they can just go out and get another ticket for New Years day 2013.

The millionaire raffle results 25th December (25/12/2012) will be live on this site as soon as they come out. Yes here at lottomad even on Christmas day we will be hard at work getting the millionaire raffle results on fast for you all to check. So why not bookmark our dedicated page for millionaire raffle results.

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