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Millionaire Raffle Superdraw 1st January 2013 (01/01/13)

Millionaire Raffle Superdraw 1st January 2013 (01/01/13)

Millionaire raffle 1st January 2013 (01/01/13) is going to be a superdraw. The euromillions bolt on millionaire raffle game on new years eve 2013 will create not one but 25 millionaires.

And this will come just days after the Millionaire raffle superdraw 25th December 2012 . Yes it’s going to be a crazy Christmas period for lottery players.

And if this years euromillion’s lottery continues with it’s normal run, then who knows there may also be a big rollover jackpot up for grabs as well. As we all know the eurolottery game does rollover a lot.

As demand for tickets will go up, so will the jackpot amount of the main euromillions lottery draw. As the jackpot goes up, so more people will be tempted to buy and extra lottery ticket.

Sales director Duncan Malyon of Camelot is expecting Euromillions ticket sales to double over the Christmas period.

“What we want to do is create some real excitement in the trade in the run-up to Christmas and generate continuous excitement between Christmas and New Year, which can sometimes be quite a quiet period in retail”

This will give 50 people over a week a very very lucky Christmas/New Year, and lets face it £1,000,000 is the kind of money that can make a positive impact on someone’s life without massively changing it.

For me if I won a million pounds, here is what I would do.

1) Pay off my mortgage on my flat
2) Buy me a modest house and rent out the flat, for some rental income
3) Book a world cruise with P&0 cruises – leaving and returning from Southampton, England.
4) Buy an Aston Martin (as my treat car)

I would still stay in my job, but imagine how stress free life would be with no mortgage to pay, and a bit of rental income coming in!

I know for now it is just a dream, but if you don’t have a dream it will never come true.

The odds of winning one of those 25 prizes of course will be distorted as more and more people will buy tickets and/or additional tickets. However as they say, you have to be in it to win it!

The millionaire raffle results 1st January 2012 (01/01/2013) will be live on this site as soon as they come out. Even if I win one of the prizes in the Millionaire raffle superdraws on Christmas day 25/12/12 or on new years day, I will still work hard to get the results on fast for all my lovely lottery blog readers. So why not bookmark our dedicated page for millionaire raffle results.

Finally, I would like to wish all the lottery blog readers lot’s and lot’s of luck. Hopefully myself and you reading this will both win a million and have a very happy 2013 with the euromillions and millionaire raffle games.

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