Lottery Results

Lottery Results in UK National and euromillions lotto

Lottery Results

Lottery Results featured on this page include the latest lotto numbers from the UK National lottery, Euromillions, Daily play, Hotpicks, Thunderball, Lotto plus 5, euromillion Millionaire raffle, Irish lottery, Irish lotto All or Nothing game and Irish Monday millions. So you can easily use this site as a lottery results checker by bookmarking this page, and then returning on the days your particular game is drawn.

We have been online now since 2006, and in that time have got very fast at updating the site with the latest data. Below you will find the latest lottery result from each game mentioned above, and also the times the result data should be updated (all times stated are UK times, and subject to change with draw schedules).

Underneath the most recent set of results, you will also find a link to see a more in depth history page, allowing you to access previous numbers from all the main games in the United Kingdom. The back catalogue of data, is handy if your checking old lottery tickets which you have just found lying around from previous draws. I know I do it all the time, so I am sure others do too!

Latest Lottery Results

UK National lotto – Drawn Wednesday around 10.45pm and Saturday around 9pm.

Eurolottery - Draw takes place Friday around 9pm – From May 2011 a 2nd draw on Tuesday nights will also start (times to be confirmed)

Millionaire raffle results – Result expected around 11.35pm on Friday nights.

Lotto Hotpicks – Drawn Wed roughly 10.45pm and Sat around 9pm.

Daily Play – Draws on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat around 9pm apart from Wednesday when it’s 10.45pm

Thunderball lottery – Draws on Wed roughly 10.45pm and Friday and Saturday around 9pm.

Lotto Plus 5 – Takes place Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sunday with results expected by 9pm.

Irish Lottery numbers - Draws on Wednesday and Saturday around 9pm

Irish All or Nothing – Daily draws around 9pm

Irish lotto Monday Million – Drawn on Monday only around 9.00pm

It is important to check the lottery results of any UK National lotto based tickets in a timely manner, as most people will be aware all the UK lotto games have an expiry of 180 days from the draw date. If a winning ticket is not cashed in (winnings claimed) within that time frame, then the winning amount for that ticket will go to good causes throughout the United Kingdom. In total up to March 2011 over £25 billion has been raised for good causes by the UK National lottery, through a mixture of Unclaimed prizes, and an estimated 28% of revenue from sales also going to charity.

It is also advisable that even before checking the latest lotto numbers, players sign and address the back of all lottery tickets they purchase. The reason for this is simple, we have recentley learnt that ownership of lottery tickets is by the person who has the ticket and not the person who bought it. So make sure 100% that you sign the back of each ticket as soon as you get it, to save any confusion should you check the lottery results and find you are a jackpot prize fund winner.

We take every care to ensure the accuracy of our lottery results, however from time to time errors may occur. If you do spot a mistake please get in touch via the contact form letting us know the mistake so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.

This site can not be held responsible for actions taken based on information on this site, for example binning a winning ticket thinking you have lost when in fact you have won based on incorrect or misread sets of information on this site. If you are concern about any of the above we urge you to check the official national lottery site to see if the official results match ours.

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