Lottery Results

Lottery Results in UK National and euromillions lotto

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Lottery Update

So that was a busy lottery weekend, with not one but two lotto rollovers and one of them was massive.

So on Friday we had £107,000,000 up for grabs on the euromillions lottery rollover, which was won by one lucky ticket holder from Spain. As of yet no information has been released about the lucky winner or even if the massive prize has been claimed.

Yesterday the UK National lottery jackpot was a single rollover of £7 million, as the above that was also won by one lucky ticket holder.

So thats £114,000,000 won by just two ticket holders in 2 days! This then moves us onto this week, and sadly it is not as exciting as last week.

On Tuesday the 17th of May the euromillions is a usual £18 million, and then on Wednesday the 18th the UK National lottery is an estimated £3 million prize fund.

In recent weeks we have seen euromillions move to twice per week, increase lucky stars to 1-11 and introduce a new prize category. Daily play has closed forever, and lotto plus 5 has been launched. A few months back Dream number also closed down forever, and now we await the rumoured Global lottery game which was originally thought to be launched in 2012 but as of yet no one really knows.

Of course we will be back here tonight to display the Sunday night lotto plus 5 and Irish lotto All or Nothing lottery results. So until then enjoy your Sunday all.

Check out our youtube video to find out what happened, when we bought a bunch of £10 UK National lottery scratch cards. £10 UK National lottery scratch card video

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