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Rich for life lottery scratch cards

Rich for life lottery scratch cards

A new Rich For Life scratchcard has been launched by the National Lottery, and is being promoted by a massive television campaign to go with it. The new game costs £5 to play and offers four top prizes of £40,000 per year for life.

Unlike most other UK lottery prizes, the Rich For Life £40,000 per year top prize is subject to UK income tax because it is paid as an annuity policy, but even after tax winners will still be quids in.

Lotto enthusiasts who don’t associate scratch card games with genuinely life-changing amounts of money should be inspired by Maria Murray who spent her last £5 on a Merry Millions scratchcard in December 2008 and promptly won a top prize of £1 million.

Although Rich For Life doesn’t offer such a huge lump sum, £40,000 per year for life could add up to be substantially more over the long term. For example, if someone receives £40,000 per year for 40 years, they would have won a total of £1.6 million – not a sum to be sneezed at by any means.

The advertising campaign for the Rich For Life scratchcard shows a man crammed awkwardly between two large passengers on a plane. He tries to take a drink of water from a plastic cup and is jostled by the passenger on his right, so he switches hands and is jostled by the passenger on his left. The water goes flying and the crammed passenger sits nervously between his grumpy neighbours. At this point we hear a scratchcard being scratched and our passenger is magically transported to a first class cabin with two attentive stewardesses. The message is clear: Rich For Life could make everything better.

Does all of this sound familiar? It should, because a very similar campaign was used in January 2007 to launch a previous Rich For Life scratchcard that proved very popular – so popular that the powers-that-be decided to bring it back for 2009.

A spokesman for the National Lottery said: “We always see a fantastic response from players in-store to regular payment games. The previous version of Rich For Life was our best and fastest-selling £5 game ever – and we expect this new version to be just as popular.”

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