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Health lottery results appear here every Saturday night, we will also be displaying the additional Health lottery Second Chance Guaranteed winner lottery results. The health lottery draw is shown live on Saturday night on Channel 5.

Latest Health Lottery Results

The health lottery is not connected with the UK National lottery, to play the health lottery players either need to play online or via an approved health lottery retailer.

Winnings with Health Lottery
To play the health lottery, players pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50. Winning is simple with 3 different prize categories, which are:

3 balls matched wins £50
4 balls matched wins £500
5 balls matched wins upto £100,000*

*The upto indicates that in exceptional circumstances, if there is a big number of top prize winners the amount paid out per winner may be less than advertised by the health lottery.

The odds of winning the health lottery are as follows:

Odds of matching 3 main numbers with the health lottery are 214 to 1
Odds of matching 4 main numbers with the health lottery are 9,416 to 1
Odds of matching 5 main numbers with the health lottery are 2,118,760 to 1

Health lottery Second Chance Guaranteed Lottery winner

A clever addition to the health lottery draw results is the second chance guaranteed winner. If no one is able to match all 5 main health lottery numbers, then a ticket is selected at random and allocated the top prize which can be upto £200,000 if the draw is a health lottery superdraw or £100,000 if it’s a normal game night.

Here at we think this is a very clever addition, a guaranteed winner every draw makes this game a lot more tempting.

For more information on this game which was launched in August 2011, please visit our dedicated page for the Health Lottery.

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