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euromillions millionaire raffle results will appear here after every friday night euro-millions lottery draw. The draw millionaire raffle draw takes place live on BBC1 at present around 11pm UK time, and results of the latest draw will be on this site soon after. The eurolottery itself is drawn at 9pm, but as the raffle is a UK only game it is broadcast live on TV when they broadcast the euro millions results.

Below you will find the last 2 lots of euromillion raffle results we have published.

Latest euromillions millionaire raffle results

You can see older results in our millionaire raffle result archieve, or use the search facility by inputing the date and title of the draw you are looking for.

Euromillions millionaire raffle information

The millionaire raffle draw is a UK only game, which was introduced in November 2009 when Camelot increased the price of a United Kingdom Euromillions lottery ticket from £1.50 to £2.00. The price increase was said to be to match the cost of a mainland europe ticket costing 2 euro’s.

The game guarantee’s one lucky UK euromillions ticket holder will become a raffle millionaire per draw, every UK player is automitically entered into the raffle when the lottery terminal generates a random but unique raffle number and prints it on the eurolottery ticket.

On Christmas eve 2010, a special superdraw was held in the United Kingdom which guaranteed to create 25 new millionaires by drawing 25 raffle ticket numbers in a one off show. Previous to this on the 12th of November 2010 a seperate superdraw was held creating 10 millionaires. More superdraws are said to be planned, but as of yet no dates have been released.

From May 2011 euromillions moves from once to twice per week, it is expected that the Millionaire raffle will also become a twice per week but this is yet to be officially confirmed. If this does happen we will of course be reporting on the new Tuesday night millionaire raffle results also.

Please book mark this page and pop back every Friday night for the latest euromillions millionaire raffle results, we also display the normal eurolottery results with a full prize breakdown. So we really are your one stop shop for lottery results.

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