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EuroMillions lottery

Euromillions or euro millions (as it is sometimes called) is a European lottery game, launched by Camelot (the UK National lotto operators), along side the French and Spanish lottery operators back on the 7th of Feburaury 2004, with the first Euro Millions draw taking place on Friday the 13th of February 2004 live from a location in Paris. The lotto game has gone from strength to strength, with massive rollover jackpots going well over £100 million it attracts players from all over the world to play this lump sum tax free lottery game.

As most of the lottomad readers will know the Euromillions is a tax free lumpsum payout lottery, which basically means if you win you win the full amount tax free all at once. Some other global lottery games are subject to tax deductions on the winnings, and paid out over time.

When originally launched Euromillions lotto tickets were only sold in the UK, France and Spain. However on the 8th of October 2004 Switzerland,Portugal,Luxembourg,Ireland,Austria and Belgium joined to make the game truley a European collective.

Latest euromillions news and rollover updates

Euromillions Lottery Results and Prize Payout Breakdowns

You can get the lastest EuroMillions results and full prize breakdowns on this very site. As well as the latest Euro millions lotto rollover news, and wherever possible prize winners news.


Euromillions tickets in the United Kingdom cost £2 and since the 7th of November 2009 include a UK only game called the Millionaire raffle. In mainland europe euro millions tickets cost €2.00 and can increase to €3.00 if the player chose to add on the “plus” game. The Euromillions game at present is only available in Ireland and Portugal.

Prize amounts for this game in every prize winnings category apart from the Jackpot are worked out according to participation in the country in question. As mentioned above the Euro millions lottery is a tax free lottery, apart from in Switzerland and is paid out in one lump sum. This is said to be one of the key factors attracting international lottery players to the Euromillions lotto game, a lot of other international lotteries are paid out in instalments and subject to tax on winnings.

Euromillions record Jackpots

The current record Euromillions jackpot payout to a single ticket, was set in July 2011 by Colin and Chris Weir from Scotland who took home a staggering £161,623,000. A massive series of euro-millions rollovers created this record breaking jackpot amount, which is reported to be the biggest single lottery win in the world (in terms of payouts).

Noticable Euromillions rollover winners

  • In July 2011 Colin and Chris Weir from Scotland won a massive £161,623,000 after a series of euromillion rollovers.
  • In August 2012 Adrian Bayford, 41, and wife Gillian, 40, from Suffolk won a massive £148,656,000.
  • Tuesday 13th November 2012 – A French ticket holder won £136,124,363.
  • A £113,019,926 jackpot was paid out to a lotto syndicate in the UK, from the draw on Friday October 8 2010 – Winners Unknown – Split between 4 parties.
  • An unknown Spanish player netted £111m in May 2009.
  • An unknown UK euromillions ticket won £101m on the 7th of October 2011. – unknown if it was a single ticket holder or lottery syndicate
  • An anonymous player from the UK scooped £84.4m on the EuroMillions in May 2010.
  • One person from the United Kingdom and one from Belgium each won £63,837,543.60 each on EuroMillions 8th June 2012.
  • Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, from Barnsley, Gloucestershire,UK, won £56m on EuroMillions in February 2010.
  • Anoymous Euromillions ticket holder from the United Kingdom, won £46,432,285.20 on EuroMillions on Friday 24th February 2012.
  • Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham from Nottingham,UK, won £45,160,170.50 on EuroMillions on Tuesday 7th February 2012.
  • Gareth and Catherine Bull, from Mansfield,UK, won £40,627,241.00 on EuroMillions on 20th January 2012.
  • Anoymous Euro-millions ticket holder from the United Kingdom, won £38,034,639.70 on EuroMillions on 16th March 2012.

How to Play the Euro millions

Players select five main numbers from 1 to 50, they then select two numbers they think will be drawn as the lucky stars between 1-9. The draw takes place every Friday night live from France,in the UK it is shown on BBC1 around 11.30pm (however the results can normally be found online a few hours before the BBC shows them).

The main numbers (1-50) are drawn from a lottery machine called “Stresa” and the lucky stars are selected from a machine called “Paquerette”.

Euromillions Age Limit

The age limit to play differs slightly in some countries in the United Kingdom players must be 16 or over, however in most all member countries anyone 18 plus can play the european lottery.

The game is now open in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Prize Fund and Odds

In May 2010 the new Tuesday euromillions draw was added, a new prize category was added, and the lucky star pool was increased from 1-9 to 1-11. This changed the odds of winning the euromillions lottery jackpot from the old oods of 1 in 76,275,360 to 1 in 116,531,800. The odds of winning any prize at all are 1 in 13, with the lowest odds of winning a prize being 1 in 23 for matching 2 main numbers.

Below is a list of the current odds of winning money with euromillions (correct as of May 2011)

Main Numbers    Lucky Stars     Odds
2                             0                        1 in 23
2                             1                         1 in 46
1                             2                         1 in 156
3                             0                         1 in 327
3                             1                          1 in 654
2                            2                          1 in 821
3                            2                          1 in 11,771
4                            0                          1 in 14,387
4                            1                           1 in 28,773
4                            2                           1 in 517,919
5                            0                           1 in 3,236,994
5                            1                            1 in 6,473,989
5                            2                           1 in 116,531,800

Euromillion Rollover Rules

If the Euro-millions lotto jackpot is not won then it rolls over to the following friday, this is how the massive £100 million plus jackpots occur.Initially the rollover rule was that a maximum of 11 rollovers in a row could happen before the prize fund was paid out to the next lowest winning category if no one won the jackpot. Then on the 7th of November 2009 the Euro lotto rules changed to a maximum jackpot prize fund of €185,000,000. Soon after it was increased to €190,000,000, with an addition that if the €190,000,000 is not won on that draw, then the prize fund will increase by €5,000,000 each week untill it is won, with all the remaining prize money rolling down (as explained above)

As of Febuary 17th 2012 a new euromillions rule will/has come into play. The new euromillions jackpot rule is that the euromillions jackpot will be capped at €190million (or if the jackpot has reached this amount and been won before 17th February 2012, €195million). The jackpot can only stay at this level for two consecutive draws. If it is not won in either of these draws then on the second draw the jackpot will be shared between the next lower winning prize categories.


The Euromillions lottery also runs “Superdraws” where the jackpot is set at either €100 million (£84m at present) or €135 million (£114m at present). The dates for the superdraws so far are:

* 10th May 2011 – £86 million – €100 million – To celebrate euromillions going to twice per week draw format.
* 1 October 2010 – €100 million
* 5 February 2010 – €100 million
* 18 September 2009 – €100 million
* 6 March 2009 – €100 million
* 26 September 2008 – €130 million
* 8 February 2008 – €130 million
* 28 September 2007 – €130 million
* 9 February 2007 – €100 million

Euromillion superdraw rules have also changed, originally if no one won the jackpot on the superdraw it would roll down to the next winning prize category.However as of the 7th of November 2009, it’s now rolled over to the following week should no one manage to match all 5 main numbers and the 2 lucky stars.

Where does the Euromillions money go?

The £2 entry fee in the UK to play the euro millions lotto is distributed as follows:

50% goes to the winning prize fund
28% goes to UK good causes council
12% goes as a tax to the UK government
5%  goes to the retailers as their commision
4.5% goes to Camelot to cover the costs of running the European lottery in the UK
0.5% goes to Camelot as it’s profit margin

UK only extra Game – Millionaire Raffle

In november 2009 the price of a Euromillions lottery ticket in the United Kingdom increased from £1.50 to £2.00. The price increase was to bring it more inline with mainland europe who pay in euro’s and to level out the difference in the exchange rate. At the time of the price increase Camelot introduced a new game called the “Millionaire raffle”.

For more info please visit our millionaire raffle page.

Closing time for Euromillions lottery

Ticket sales close (UK time) at 7.30pm on the night of the draw (friday), and re-open again at 9pm for the following weeks Euro lotto draw.

The draw takes place live in France (roughly 9pm ish UK time), and is then screened later on BBC TV around about 11.30pm UK time (info correct at time of writting this web page)

As with the UK National lotto, there are many ways to play the Euro-Millions, tickets can be purchased in many official lottery retail outlets across the UK/Mainland Europe or purchased online via the official National lottery website. Players can also join online or offline lottery syndicates, or purchase tickets via lottery agencies who specialise in offering global lottery games (including Euromillions) online.

The huge jackpots that the Euromillions lottery has, is part of it’s massive success enabling it to become one of the worlds premier lottery draws. Camelot are rumoured to be working on a Global lottery which boasts jackpots much bigger then the Euromillions lotto has, but with more guaranteed winners. It is expected to be launched around 2012 but as of yet it is still an unconfirmed rumour.

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