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Daily Play lotto


The Daily Play lotto is one of the products that collective makes up the UK National lottery from Camelot. Daily play is as it’s name suggest a daily prize draw which takes place Monday to  Saturday, with no draws on Sunday’s and Christmas day. As usual here on the lottery players advantage blog, you can find all the latest Daily Play lottery results and prize breakdowns.

Daily play lottery game was launched on the 22nd of September 2003, and was one of the first  new games launched to try and reverse the declining sales. Shortly after in the United Kingdom  a rival daily lottery game was launched however after a few short months, the rival closed down  leaving “Daily Play” as the only everyday lottery game in the UK.

How to Play

To play the daily play lottery game, players chose 7 numbers between 1 and 27 or get a lucky  dip (where the machine selects 7 random numbers) and pay £1 per line played. The draw gives  players the chance to win anything from a free ticket if no numbers are matched upto £30,000  for matching all 7 main numbers.

Dailyplay lotto prize categories

Match                 Prize                                Odds of winning
0 numbers        Daily play ticket             1 in 11.5
4 numbers         £5                                    1 in 22.3
5 numbers         £30                                 1 in 222.6
6 numbers         £300                              1 in 6,343.1
7 numbers        £30,000                       1 in 888,030

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 7.4

The draw itself is not broadcast on TV, and even on Saturday when all the other UK National  lottery games are drawn live, the daily play game or the results for that night are not  featured at all in the current TV show.

The daily play lottery game is very attractive to lotto players as it has one of the lowest  odds of winning a prize, coupled with a free ticket if people fail to match any numbers. At the  same time the prizes are a lot lower, but then so are the odds of winning.

Camelot say on average 52% of daily play ticket sales go into prizes for the players to  win. Daily play is one of the few fixed prize lotto game, and as such there are no rollovers if  the top prize is not won. In some very exceptional circumstances, and very much dependent on  the number of winners overall and in any one prize category, sometimes prizes may be less than  stated. 28p from every ticket sale also goes to good causes across the United Kingdom.

Claiming Prize money winnings

Any prize money upto £100 can be claimed from any approved UK National lottery retailer, Prizes between £100 and £500 can be paid paid out at the retailers in cash, however it is at their discretion and after validating the ticket as a winner.

To claim prizes over over these amounts players have 2 options:

1) from a National lottery Post office – Most of these can pay out upto £50,000 by cheque, with winners been given the option to get the first £500 in cash.

2) Players can also claim by post by sending the winning ticket, and a completed claim form to The National Lottery, Accounts Dept., P.O. Box 287, Watford WD1 8TT

For more information on claiming winnings call the National lottery line on 0845 100 000

Due to the small prize amounts, there is little if any publicity about the Daily play winners or the game itself.

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